Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pwa essay of the book Kindred

I will be writing about how you should take care of child so they wont be in a bad situation. In the book Kindred it talks about a woman named Dana who lived in modern times, and goes back in time when slavery was still legal. Dana goes back in time to help a white boy named Rufus to stay out of trouble.
                An example of how you should take care of a child so they don’t get into trouble is when Rufus gets the house on fire on page 20 in the book kindred. This shows that Rufus wasn’t told not to play with fire from his parents. So what should’ve happened is that Rufus should  be outside or be with his mom or his dad to help them around the house so he can stay away from fire. To connect to this , my parents have taught me to not play with fire.
                Another example of how you should take care of a child so they won’t get into trouble is when Rufus tried to rape a black girl named Alice on page122 because she wouldn’t be with him. This shows how someone needs to teach him that he can’t make a girl be with him by raping her. What should’ve happened is that if she don’t don’t want to be with him he should look for another woman.  To connect to this many people want to be with girls and can’t be with them so they have to keep on looking for other girls.
                The last example of how you should take care of a child so they won’t into trouble is when Rufus fell from a tree on page 59. This shows how his parents don’t look after him. Rufus should’ve stayed on the ground because he had no reason to be up in a tree. Some kids have parents that really don't care or don't want to watch their kids so they get hurt from what they do.
                In conclusion these are some example of how you should take care of a child so they won't do these attempts. you can prevent them from staying out of trouble by watching them and tell to not to do things so they can know what to do when their around unsafe places. 

Monday, March 14, 2011


My name is Jessie Trinh and i am an 8th grader at Urban Promise Academy. i am writing this because of the budget cuts and for your support. Urban Promise Academy needs funding for school supplies such as textbooks and pencils. My education is very important to me. My education will allow me to reach college and a successful life. Please support my education be letting California vote on tax extension measure.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

College for All

Hi my name is jessie trinh and some adjectives to describe me is serious because i don't like to be teased. Also i am friendly because i like to make new friends. Im am also nice because i can be respectful to you and others. My community is sometimes quiet because usually not much people come by. It's also dangerous because people pass by and hang around. Also it is friendly people around here is easy to get along with.

 At school i face teachers because i sometimes have hard times with them and their teaching. I also face homework and classwork because most of the time i dont understand it and when i try to ask for help teachers aren't their when i need them. What i can do to overcome my problem is to ask for help at a right time. Also for my community i can avoid dangerous people by staying in an area that feels safe to me.

when i go to college for all i can experience how a University looks like in Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Also i can make up my mind on which one i want to go to. The University i am looking forward to go to is Cal Poly San Luis Obispobecause i have never heard of the University before, I am most interested in it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

My Mask

My mask is sad,
And it cannot hide,
It prevents me from being happy with my friends and family
So everyday I struggle to be more happy with my self
And smile alot more
If i do that, I will show to my self that I can change the mask I wear

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dia de los muertos poem

Grandma, I love your homemade cooking
I used to always hear you cooking in the kitchen
I remember the times you always put me to sleep
I used to always hear you call me name and i would come
If you came back, I would help you cook and clean
If you came back, Will you take care of me like always

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Poem

Just because I'm Vietnamese
Doesn't mean i know karate
Doesn't mean i eat dogs and cats
Doesn't mean i have small eyes and can't see
Just because I'm Vietnamese i eat the same food as everyone else
i have normal eyes and can see very well
Just because I'm Vietnamese i like to be treated the same way as everyone else
I also like to be myself without no one telling me who to be
why is there a liking between races?
why does people have different stereotypes of me?
can you get along with people like me?
I think you can

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

About Me

I am Jessie Trinh and this is my first blog. I want to tell you about myself. Well some of my hobbies are watching television, being on the computer alot, and hanging out with friends. People describe me as funny, good to be friends with, chill, and shy. My goals in life are to be a successful business man, being a chef, or being a football player. Well, thank you for reading my first blog.